About the TKM® App

This app contains 4 FREE and easy to use methods: treating hiccoughs, emotional stability, and bleeding, plus extraction techniques. You are able to purchase additional methods to expand your knowledge for things like: heart attacks, burns, appendicitis, anaphylactic shock, asthma attacks, seizures, labor pains, and choking. Each additional method cost $1.99. Don’t miss out, these methods have even been taught to law enforcement and emergency medical staff across the world!  This app allows anyone to learn these procedures from the palm of their hand with helpful graphics and a thorough explanation of the method.

The extraordinary results from our all natural methods have attracted attention from media locally and internationally, which was all by word of mouth from our client’s success stories. Especially for our world renown Natural Emergency Procedures contained in this app!

What are People Saying
About The King Method®?

I am very happy, this method has given me back my life

Dr. Steve Smith D.D.S.

Skeptical at first, I’m a believer now!  I’ve not only seen benefits in my own life, I’ve met several people with serious conditions who have experienced amazing results.

Jeff Jones, C.E.O. of J. Levin Productions & Sr. Producer of “Life Today” with James Robinson

I strongly affirm Dr. King’s use of TKM®

Richard E. Schaefer, Senior Pastor, New Covenant United Methodist Church in Mesquite, Texas

I’ve found TKM® to be a very powerful Healing Art.  I call it an Art because anything so effective and completely noninvasive must be an Art.  TKM® therapy was extremely potent…I believe TKM® is where health restoration needs to go, toward encouraging the body to step up to the awesome power God has provided for the body to heal itself.

Leigh Taylor-Young, Actress, Peyton Place Star and many other leading roles

I have experienced this Method personally and it is very powerful and effective.

Burton Goldberg, Alternative Medicine Magazine Editor; Future Medicine Publisher’s Editor

I have found TKM® to be extremely effective!  It has changed my life and many of my patients. It’s a very powerful technique, very powerful.

Dr. William Lee Cowden, M.D., Cardiologist

I am convinced that this system is necessary for Healing

Dr. Daniel A. Logan, Ph.D., L.C.D.C., Psychologist

I would be one that would defend this Method to anyone, anywhere, at any time

Dr. Charles Hawes, D.O.

This is a simple but powerful process that anyone can and should learn

Dr. Robert Battle, M.D.

TKM® is establishing a balancing process so the healing can happen from inside, and its very effective.

John McCormick, M. DIV Founder of Dallas Society of Bioenergetics Analysis

A Look at the TKM® App

This app was designed to be  very simple and therefore easy to use in emergency situations, as well as for studying at home.

Learn how to use the app with these handy instructions provided when you start the app for the first time.

detailed and thorough instructions

Our autocomplete keyword search is included for quickly finding what you need based on keywords and method names.

autocomplete keyword search

Written instructions along with diagrams, make for an easy to read and organized step by step set of instructions.

detailed and thorough instructions

Detailed images show you exactly what you need to be doing with your hands, and you can even pinch to zoom to get a better look.

detailed images with zoom

Extra content can be purchased from the store to enhance your knowledge of the TKM® methods available.

content available for in app purchase

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